Paragon Funds Management


Paragon Australian Long Short Fund

Key Features of the Fund:

Fund Description:
Absolute return Australian equity fund for wholesale and retail investors

Fund Investment Focus:
Predominantly Australian resource and industrial focus

Daily subscriptions & withdrawals

Minimum Investment:

Distribution Frequency:

Key Benefits of investing in the Fund:

Access to an experienced investment management team:
The Fund Managers collectively have over 20 years' experience in analysing and managing assets through several financial and commodity cycles.

Intensive fundamental research:
Paragon undertakes its own fundamental research which enables the investment team to form its own view on the relative attractiveness of individual securities.

Paragon has the flexibility to invest in a wide range of Australian listed equities and derivatives and is not constrained to any benchmark or index unlike many traditional funds management businesses.

Capital preservation:
Preserving capital is a key goal of the Fund. Paragon takes an active risk management approach at the stock and portfolio level based on its own quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Alignment of interests:
A significant portion of both Fund Managers' personal wealth is invested in the Fund alongside Unit Holders.

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