Your Rights

As a Unit Holder of a Fund offered by Paragon, your rights are governed by the Constitution of this Fund and the law. Your rights include, but are not limited to, the right to: – Receive distributions (where applicable); – Receive copies of audited Annual Financial Statements; and – Receive any and other information circulated by Paragon with respect to the Fund you have invested in. You are also entitled to request a copy of the Constitution of the Fund. You may do so by sending your request in writing to or calling us on (03) 9652 2500. You do not have the right to participate in the management or operation of the Fund.

Internal Dispute Resolution

Paragon has a formal internal complaints and dispute handling resolution process. The Constitution establishes a procedure for the directors of Paragon to receive, consider, investigate and respond to complaints made by Unit Holders dissatisfied with the management or administration of the Paragon Australian Long Short Fund. You can lodge a complaint with us in writing by email to or by mail at our office address or by calling us on (03) 9652 2500. If you do call, we may still request that you send us a follow-up email or letter in writing detailing your complaint. Unless we can resolve your complaint on the spot or within 5 business days, we acknowledge your complaint in writing within 14 business days, and then a written response will be provided to you within 45 days of your original complaint.

External Dispute Resolution

If you are still not satisfied, and only after you have sought a resolution directly with us, you are entitled to refer your complaint to the Credit and Investments Ombudsman (‘CIO’), previously known as Credit Ombudsman Service Limited, at the below address. Paragon is a member of CIO, member number M0017791, which is an external dispute and complaints resolution scheme approved by ASIC, providing consumers and financial service providers an accessible, independent and fair dispute resolution service.

Mail complaints to:

Case Management Team C-/Credit and Investments Ombudsman PO Box A252 Sydney South NSW 1235

Fax complaints to:

(02) 9273 8440

Make complaints enquiries by phone to:

1800 138 422 Alternatively, you may visit the CIO website at, for further information or to make an online compliant.