Independent thinkers making smart investment decisions

Paragon Funds Management

Founded in 2012, Paragon Funds Management (Paragon) is an Australian long-short fund manager passionate about investing.

The Paragon Australian Long Short Fund (the Paragon Fund) is thematic-led and fundamentally driven.  We apply a disciplined investment approach where we have an edge – equities within the industrials and resources sectors.

Paragon’s primary focus is to generate strong absolute risk-adjusted returns regardless of the market environment. Paragon has exceeded the Fund’s investment objective since inception, delivering annualised double-digit returns.  

Paragon is wholly owned by John Deniz and his team, who are also significantly invested in the Fund, providing strong alignment with investors.

Our Philosophy

High conviction stock picks

We’re proud of our idea generation and deep thematic-led research effort. We pride ourselves in finding strong investments early, being index unaware, and having the ability to take a contrarian view.  This results in a portfolio of high conviction and high alpha stock picks.

Fundamental investors at heart

It is critical to understand both the industry (top-down) and the Company (bottom up), in order to accurately and fully assess an investment opportunity. Paragon dedicates time to meet with industry experts and Company management to gain deep insights for all stocks it invests in.

Capital preservation mindset

As an active fund manager with a flexible mandate, we are able to make the capital allocation call and vary our exposure and cash levels accordingly. We aim to preserve investors’ capital while staying true to our performance driven culture.

Our Edge

Our unique offering ensures we stand out and provide a competitive edge:

  • Independent thinkers challenging the status quo
  • Unparalleled knowledge and experience across the resources sector
  • Thematically based investment approach focussing our energy and capital where we see structural growth
  • An all-cap mandate with a flexible and agile approach to investing
  • Proprietary research and idea generation enabling smart investment decisions ahead of the market

Our Company


Paragon embodies a performance-driven culture in everything we do. We are critical thinkers, motivated to surpass expectations and deliver strong results for our investors. We’re focussed, disciplined and love what we do.


To deliver strong risk adjusted absolute returns for our investors over the medium to long term.


To be recognised as a world-class fund manager, generating superior investment returns, respected for the way we go about business and our positive contribution to society.

Our Values


It’s a privilege to do what we do on behalf of our investors and we love delivering results.


We relentlessly pursue performance excellence in all that we do.


Critical thinkers with high conviction operating with deep insights and superior analysis.


We pursue the highest ethical and professional standards to maintain the trust and loyalty of our investors.

Awards & Recognition

Paragon has been recognised both locally and across the Asia Pacific region in several prominent financial industry awards.